Client Testimonials

Alliance Francaise

I did not know what to expect when I joined the mentorship programme. In the end, it has proven itself to be tremendously helpful as it allowed me to take the required distance to fairly judge my actions and revise them in order to do a more efficient job and grow my business. Many thanks Jeremy for giving always good advice! – Aurélien de Chappotin

Digital Optometry

Jeremy has given me a new insight into business and has changed the way myself and team approach our business. In the last year our sales have doubled! He has guided our company to the road of international success and having Jeremy as a business mentor has improved every aspect of our business. His experience and strategic approach to overcoming challenges has not only improved profitability, but more importantly changed the value we see in our products and services. I only wish I had met him years ago. He has done wonders for us, and the improved business structure with concise plans is reducing the stress on myself and partnership. I am looking forward to the next phase of our relationship. – Russell Meyer

Natalie West Agencies

Around the middle of last year, I had the enormous pleasure of being introduced to Jeremy Barton, little knowing that he was about to become the most important person in my business. Through the mentorship program initiated by the Business Chamber, I was exceptionally privileged to have Jeremy assigned to be my mentor and coach. This is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to take your business to a new level, however long you may have been in business. Together with Jeremy’s many years of management and experience in the corporate and private fields, he has the expertise to coach a business owner in every aspect, as well as develop areas which have been overlooked. Jeremy offers sensible and achievable advice and will certainly point you in a desirable direction. I certainly have gained momentum and highly recommend Jeremy – who has also become a good friend. – Natalie West